A Quick Guide To Operational Risk Management

This guide is a framework of operational risk management in a nutshell.

Risk permeates almost every professional environment, yet the subject of risk management often attracts rolling eyes and confused looks. Despite its complexity, all businesses need to consider how to manage operational risk in their organisation.

Expert360 consultant Oliver Poss lends his insights on the matter and shares practical experience, including failures and how to overcome them, when developing and implementing risk management frameworks.

This paper provides solutions in developing and implementing risk management frameworks. The whitepaper provides a series of considerations and steps to assist in preparation for the implementation of formalised risk management or to enhance the effectiveness of existing risk management efforts.

Oliver Poss

Principle Consultant at RISIKO

Oliver (click here to view his Expert360 profile) is an experienced risk management and internal audit professional with a total of seven years of risk management experience including six years of experience at the senior manager level and 14 years of internal audit experience. In a previous Head of Risk role, he reported to the CFO.