The Perfect Guide To Producing A Rigorous Commercial Due Diligence

The rise of the freelancer economy has meant that ubiquitous access to both low and high-skilled workers on-demand is now the norm. Expert360 specialises in providing businesses with short-term, high-skilled employee solutions. Our access to a network of highly-vetted, independent experts means that businesses have a one-stop shop for project-work and upscaling on demand.

Sourcing high-quality, short-term talent is one of the biggest challenges facing HR departments, managers and executives. 

The following is a collection of case studies that detail our experts' ability to perform high-quality market analysis, market research, competitor analysis, and due diligence (for investment firms)

This guide mentions:

  • Case study: Gia Le (Market research, Small Business)
  • Case study: Unlockd (Market research for international expansion, Startup)
  • Case study: InvestCo (Due Diligence, Investment Firm)
  • Case study: Elanor Investments (Due Diligence, Investment Firm)
Michael Caristo

Michael is a Director at Genesis Advisory, a boutique M&A consulting and advisory firm focussed on helping businesses and investment firms with M&A throughout the entire value chain, including growth and acquisition strategy, process management and due diligence. He was formerly a senior member of the investment team at Crescent Capital Partners as well as a strategy consultant at Bain & Company focussed on transaction services. Michael partners with Expert360 to assist with the M&A needs of clients.