Organisational change management: the ultimate guide

Why is Change Management important?

Given change is ‘constant’ in the workplace, some might suggest that ‘managing’ change is impossible, or even that ‘change management’ is an oxymoron. Key to the success of change and transformation programs from strategy to execution is the collective vision, maturity, and capability of in-house teams – from sponsors and senior executives, to middle managers and operational/ delivery teams executing the changes. Change experts can coach and build this change capability.

"For most organisations, although Change is increasingly common – it is not always easy. Mckinsey research indicates a high failure rate of Change Programs as being around 70%."

This guide includes:

  • Covers the different types of change
  • A step-by-step model to set up a Change Framework
  • A table demonstrating the evolution of change management
  • Innovation Adoption Curve diagram & explanation