Marketing Automation Cheat Sheet

Did you know, companies that utilise Marketing Automation tools generate twice as many leads as those just using email software (Autopilot).

Marketing automation in today’s competitive environment is a must-have if you are serious about developing an effective marketing capability. The reality is that customers expect brands to be relevant with their marketing mix and they want to feel special.

It’s also worth highlighting that Marketing Automation is NOT going to fix a poor marketing strategy. It will just amplify it. So it’s important you get to know your ideal customer well and have a solid strategy for marketing to them before you start.

Download our cheat sheet to Marketing Automation today.

This paper includes:

  • A brief overview of the 'Buyer's Journey'.

  • A tool for segmenting your customer. 

  • Provocative questions to help you formulate a customer experience strategy.

Alex Zarate

Alex Zarate is the Founder and Managing Director at Zero B.S. They are a technology consulting firm based in Sydney focused on helping Australian businesses increase their revenue by using technology that creates unique and scalable customer experiences. Alex has been implementing business led technology projects for over 15 years across Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Non for Profit and Healthcare and enjoys seeing his clients push boundaries using his solutions.