HR and Procurement: Partners in Building the Flexible Blended Workforce

HR is transforming how it operates and how it creates value for the business and its customers. Procurement is also transforming with the same goals in mind.

But, how can they work more effectively together to better address the “war for talent” and ensure the right full-time or freelance talent, working on the right projects, at the right time, and at the right level of cost and value received?

This whitepaper by Jon Younger will go on to describe and explain the performance benefits reaped when HR & Procurement work together. Younger is an established teacher, author, consultant and a frequent contributor to Forbes & Harvard Business Review.

This paper will assist your organisation in:

  • Building cross-functional alignment between HR & Procurement

  • Successfully making the shift from a traditional workforce to a flexible-blended workforce.

  • Understanding where HR & Procurement is now and where it’s heading (supported visually in a table).

Jon Younger

Jon is a teacher, author, consultant and early stage investor in talent tech.  

He’s the author of Agile Talent, HR Transformation, and other books, and a frequent Forbes and HBR contributor.

He’s led two publicly traded companies and taught at universities in Asia, Europe and North America.

His PhD is from the University of Toronto