How to Develop, Implement and Review a Pricing Strategy

A company's pricing strategy begins and ends with its CVP (Customer Value Proposition). 

Understanding the value a company delivers, and understanding the value provided by its competitors, allows businesses to strategically price its products or services.

This piece consists of three broad sections: developing, implementing and reviewing a pricing strategy.

Expert 360 Consultant, Giancarlo Sponza, provides an extensive guide on how to not only develop, but also implement and review, a pricing strategy.

Giancarlo Sponza

Giancarlo is outcome oriented and autonomous with broad functional experience in several industries such as cards, payments, software, financial services, medical devices and electronics. He is passionate about innovation and has an intimate understanding of strategy, pricing, product and project management, of technology and business optimisation. He knows improvement and innovation is mostly a gradual journey of trial, error, iteration and progression.