Google Ads Cheat Sheet

Google Ad Campaigns have become common practice for digital marketers and are used by most companies to generate fresh leads at a high quality and scale. 

Google Search Expert, Ilan Shabad, shares his tips and tricks for getting them right the first time around in a simple-to-follow guide. 

Check yourself for mistakes and tick off 7 key areas that are essential to getting your Google Account Ad Structure right. This guide will assist you with:

  • Applying the subtle variances across google display ad structures.

  • Understanding the differences between Geographical Targeted adverts and Keyword Targetted adverts.

  • Knowing what a good ‘Quality Score’ looks like and ways to increase it.

  • Exploring audiences and retargeting techniques. 


Ilan Shabad

SEO & PPC Marketing Consultant
Ilan is a digital marketing specialist with over 9 years of experience developing and executing performance-based digital marketing strategies in SEO & PPC. He has helped many SME's improve their organic traffic, paid search performance, drive more leads and improve their ROI on marketing investments.

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