Getting Trendy Report

Expert360 commissioned this report on freelancing trends in Australia 2017.

In this paper, we explain the new drivers behind the exponential growth of the highly skilled contingent economy.

The gig economy is ingrained in our daily lives and is rapidly becoming a part of our professional lives. SMBs were driving the growth of the on-demand workforce but now, the main drivers have changed.

Expert360's exclusive study of the way Australia's largest businesses use on-demand talent indicates that the first mover advantage SMBs once held is quickly diminishing, with enterprises driving the next phase of growth.

Using contingent talent is a new source of competitive advantage that can give your business an injection of skills and expertise needed to take it to the next level.

Expert360’s study involved a survey of 50 Australian companies with over $1bn in annual revenue. Each employee we interviewed was a mix of the following: C-level executives, directors, and managers across strategy, procurement and HR.