Frictionless Customer Experience - Retail's Next Frontier

What is Friction?

Retail experiences can have positive friction (intentional disruption, such as promotions), or more commonly, negative friction or pain points. Any experience that makes shoppers’ decisions slower or more difficult – negative friction - creates a risk of purchase abandonment, whether offline or online.

Friction points can be offline, online or a combination of the two. Offline or bricks and mortar friction points include things like out of stocks, queue wait times, store congestion, and staff unavailability.

Expert360 Consultant, Norrelle Goldring, deep dives into this subject matter to bring you a fresh look at the latest trends impacting the retail industry today to give your organisation a better idea of how it will be impacted by this phenomenon.

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Norrelle Goldring

Norrelle has 20 years’ experience in retail, category, channel, customer and go-to-market strategy, marketing and research, working in and with global retailers, manufacturers and research houses.