Democratising Data

We now live in a time where data is currency and personalised, customer-centric experience is king.

The current business landscape is dominated by success stories of a few companies that have grown at speeds previously thought impossible. From Uber to Amazon to Alibaba to Air BnB to Netflix we have seen every industry disrupted in an incredibly short space of time.

What connects these hyper companies and differentiates them from the incumbents they are taking on? It is the innovative use of data at the heart of their operations and in everything that they do.

Whilst other businesses are beginning to unlock the power of data to supercharge their organisation these efforts are usually confined to small groups of specialists rather than being spread throughout the entire business.

Data democratisation is set to be a game changer, catapulting companies to new heights of performance, if done right.   

This whitepaper, by Chris Monk, Head Decoded (APAC) will help to:

 define key concepts like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning

 answer the underlying question, 'Why is data more important now than ever before?'

 understand areas where data is being applied efficiently, with industry examples & case studies of businesses reaping the rewards.

create a data-first mindset

begin the process of democratising data skills across your organisation


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