Scalable Talent Solution For A Leading Retailer


Leading Retailer is an iconic Australian organisation undergoing an immense amount of internal and external pressures. The company was experiencing significant disruption. Shifts in technology, speed and access are changing the game for supply chains, in-store and online. 

This company values high-calibre talent, customer focussed professionals as well as adaptability and agility in the way they operate their fast paced retail business.


RetailCo was moving into execution mode of a multi-year program of work that had been designed in partnership with a global professional services firm. RetailCo required injections of talent, at scale, that could provide fresh perspectives at a detailed executional level and bring high levels of expertise in the online and digital space. Traditional channels could not deliver the calibre of talent at the speed with which the organisation needed. 


Expert360’s technology platform and team allow RetailCo to assemble and disband teams rapidly around projects and problems. Hiring and project managers access Expert360’s pool of top talent. RetailCo now has an on-demand solution, that can be deployed to execute plans on-site or remotely within the functions it oversees the most, corporate strategy, legal, finance, software migration and customer segmentation. 


Expert360 and RetailCo are entering their 4th year of partnership. In the past 12 months, RetailCo has successfully completed 47 projects in partnership with Expert360. By engaging with Expert360’s talent pool, RetailCo is able to quickly access, engage and manage a range of top freelance talent. RetailCo strategy team credit Expert360 as a critical partner in their transformation.



Location: Australia

Industry: Retail