Reducing Telco Ramp Up Time


Telco is one of Australia’s leading telecommunication providers and a highly project-based organisation, with distinct multi-year phases of growth and change. The industry is undergoing momentous technology changes. The organisation is also highly visible and continues to be under a large amount of public scrutiny.


The company planned to roll out a new project but were met with setbacks and complications. They were having significant issues delivering projects on-time, on-scope and in particular, on-budget. Furthermore, onboarding talent had an average turnaround time of ~ 9 weeks; resulting in critical delays on projects. 


By partnering with Expert360, Telco could deploy talent to their 3 core business units in which projects were high stake and highly visible. A central resourcing function, servicing multiple departments and projects, was set up, from which all independent consulting talent is sourced, managed and optimised. QBR meetings take place to review progress and anticipate upcoming requirements. Additionally, there stood no controls around each consultant rates with the source talent type varying significantly on different projects.


Telco has reduced project ramp-up time from ~9 weeks to 1 week. Increased overall calibre of talent within key functions and reported a shift to a culture of high-performance and an approximate 30% reduction in overall rates. Telco has saved over $60M on what would have otherwise been spent on large consulting firms and staffing agencies. Telco has been able to maintain and retain highest quality consulting talent within the business and redeploy across different projects. 

Major Telco

Location: Australia

Industry: Telecommunications