Improving Time To Hire For An Insurance Company


InsuranceCo is a large Australian Insurance company.  The business delivers insurance and care to communities and businesses. A large portion of the company’s revenue stems from workers compensation insurance. The company was entering a peak period of project-based work where fast scale-ups of the workforce were required.


InsuranceCo were unable to bring the talent into the business via more traditional agency channels due to issues around speed and quality of talent. Projects were increasingly falling behind schedule. Furthermore, the business was facing a unique set of challenges that made it increasingly difficult to get approval for new permanent hires.


In partnership with Expert360, InsuranceCo was able to access high-quality resources that were rapidly onboarded and pointed to a pipeline of critical projects. In common instances, whole teams of contractors were engaged across various development areas, inclusive of strategy, digital marketing, finance and transformation. InsuranceCo has on-boarded 22 new Expert360 in the last 12 months, predominantly senior or executive-level talent.


InsuranceCo has been able to build new operating models within several different lines of business functions, mitigating significant overspend and delays. Examples include review and implementation of a new ERP system a program of work which was facing major delays as well as executing a detailed physical store roll out, ahead of time and under budget. Overall, the use of the Expert360 platform has been recognised as critical to the success of InsuranceCo’s ongoing change programs.




Location: Australia

Industry: Insurance