Building the Agile Workforce: A How-To Guide for Business Leaders

“76% of businesses plan to develop a more formalised “agile talent strategy” over the next 18 months.” 

Given this finding, there’s a pretty good chance your organisation is one that has agile top-of-mind. After all, the need to react dynamically to new global pressures, constantly innovate and have access to the best and brightest talent is simply put, critical. 

But planning is much different than doing. 

We understand that rewiring your workforce is an extremely complex process. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Ardent Partners to share practical guidance for getting started.

Access the paper to discover ‘how to build an agile workforce’:

  • Why an Agile Workforce matters and its impact

  • Who is best positioned to lead the transformation 

  • How to start breaking down process barriers 

  • Which HR technology to consider to power digital and on-demand staffing 

  • What the long-term outlook is for the Agile Workforce