Your Digital Passport to the Future of Work | Creating a Winning Profile

Your Expert360 Profile

Consider your Expert360 profile to be your digital passport to the future of work. A complete and up-to-date profile is key for success in both finding work, and being found for work. It is safe to say your success in the Expert360 ecosystem truly starts with your Expert Profile.

You should think of it as you would any CV and ensure you are proud of everything you list on it.

Your profile should accurately represent what you bring to the business:

Your experience and skills.

 Your personality and interests.

 An overview of the type of work you could support them on.

 How you could fit in both culturally and in terms of the skills you bring.


We’ve spoken to many of our clients who are reviewing consultants on the other side. The below guide is based on client feedback and best practice from some of the most successful experts winning work on Expert360!


Here is a guide to creating a winning Profile:

  • Photo - it sounds really simple, but Hiring Managers want to know who they are interacting with on the other side of the platform. A professional, clear photo is a great way to start the connection.

  • A Compelling Summary - Your professional summary should provide a short snapshot of your professional expertise. Sitting at the very top of your profile, it is the first thing the client sees and should compel them to view your full profile, so make it to the point in about 4-5 sentences. Bolding keywords and using bullet points is also a very effective way to get yourself noticed in particular areas

  • Industry Expertise - Select the industries you have worked in and have experience in, rather than the industries you have a desire to work in (save those for your work preferences). Clients are really looking to see how your industry experience compares to theirs, which is displayed as tiles on your profile. It is also a great way for you to demonstrate expertise rather than being a jack of all trades.

  • Work History - This is your opportunity to

  • Education  - Add in the great education you have invested in, as often clients might ask for a particular degree for their needs. Remember to keep this updated to include short courses.

  • Work Preferences - You now have more power than ever to tell us the type of work you are looking for. Tell us the industries you are best suited for, the projects that get you excited or the city you dream about living in.

  • Availability - Telling us when you are available for work, whether you are open to hearing about opportunities, or whether you are unavailable helps improve the matching of projects suited to you, as well as create transparency in our digital platform. There is a dedicated section on your profile to update your availability, and we encourage you to keep this updated as you would treat your work availability in any other platform or arena

  • Ratings - Once you start to win projects, our clients rate you on things like Communication, Stakeholder Management, Expertise etc, and these will automatically go onto your Public Profile for clients and Expert360 team to see. This really helps build your credibility within our ecosystem and speed up hiring decisions for future work.



We hope this gives you all the context you need to set yourself up for success. If you are looking to see how a similar profile/experience to yours looks amongst our marketplace, we are very happy to share some examples to inspire you.


Julia Bageski

Julia is Expert360's Consultant Experience Manager, and known as the 'Consultant Whisperer'.

A former Account Executive at Expert360, Julia advised Enterprise clients on contingent workforce management and the Expert360 solution. Prior to Expert360 Julia as with Drake International, heading up the Talent Management Solutions function, helping organisations understand and leverage their most important asset - their human capital.


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