Agility in the Age of Disruption

Four considerations for CHROs

Disruptive business models are here to stay and are having a profound impact on the way companies need to organise and manage their workforce. For established businesses, the challenges are greatest. But the nimbler an enterprise can be, the better equipped it is to recognise, seize and build on opportunities created by disruption. Workforce agility is fundamental to businesses being able to move quickly, but it works best when there is a company-wide culture of adaptability. 

We’ve shared some of the top considerations that CHROs of high performing enterprises have embraced to help optimise and leverage an agile workforce. Download our Whitepaper to learn how you can use these four considerations to elevate people management to the centre of business strategy:

  1. Embrace workforce agility as a competitive weapon

  2. Foster a culture of adaptability and cross-functional team building

  3. Understand your business strategy

  4. Develop a HR technology strategy and roadmap