5 Ways to Prepare for an Agile Workforce

Senior leadership and highly technical positions alike will be increasingly staffed by freelancers, consultants, and other white-collar members of the freelance economy - flexible, adaptive, and agile for an on-demand world. 

Today’s market leaders are already rethinking the very definition of an organisation, how it works, and the investments needed to redesign HR for the liquid workforce. The technology, talent networks, and service providers which they need to do so are already in place. The time to prepare for talent-on-demand is not some distant point in the future: it is right now.

Imagine a company with no employees.

In the next 10 years, this may just be a reality...


This paper will walk you through five simple steps that will help your business lay the foundations for the rapid, radical organisational change to put them first in a talent-on-demand world.