10 Simple steps to creating a perfect digital marketing strategy

The internet has fundamentally changed marketing. In order to connect with our audiences, we need to have a digital marketing strategy. This is a step-by-step guide for developing an actionable digital marketing strategy for your organisation.

Have you heard this joke: Why is page two of Google the best place to hide a dead body? Because no one would look there! But all jokes have an element of truth, and this is no exception. 95% of all Google traffic is found on page one. this really is no joke if you are a business. no longer can we rely on word of mouth, print or publicity?

Nowadays, we must connect with our market who are busier and have multiple screens to view and are suffering from information overload. given the landscape of digital marketing (social media, search engine marketing, email marketing, mobile devices, website optimisation, content marketing) in addition to the traditional marketing activities, it is no wonder it is all too overwhelming.

Here are my 10 simple steps to creating a perfect Digital Marketing Strategy.

Dan Macinnis

Dan is a highly sought after strategic marketer. Dan thinks like a customer. Even as a little kid she has always shown deep empathy for others. Dan uses this customer insight to help small businesses create practical marketing strategies that work. Using this customer-centric approach and her 20 years experience in sales and marketing with some of Australia’s leading corporations.