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The 10 biggest capital raises by Australian startups last quarter

Business Insider looked at the 10 biggest capital raises by startups in Q2 2017, with our $13M round placing us in third position.

Expert360, Stockspot, Tribe share their start-up challenges

The biggest challenges in the Australian startup space according to Expert360's Bridget Loudon, as well as the CEOs of Tribe and Stockspot.

The most in demand consultant skills in Australia

Business Insider covers our analysis of the biggest consultant skill areas by industry. Read more about the most in demand skills in Large corporations: Aviation, Banking, Mining & metals, Logistics & supply chain, Media, Retail, Telco, Healthcare, Financial services, Insurance, Government, Consumer goods

Airtree Ventures lead $13m capital raise for Expert360

Click to read the Australian Financial Review's exclusive on Expert360's $13M Series B funding round. This article offers extensive insights into our vision and strategy.

Australia’s Expert360 raises $10M for its freelance consultant marketplace

Click to read TechCrunch's coverage of Expert360's $13M Series B funding round.

Meet the Australian tech founders recognised in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for the Asia-Pacific

After being named as one of the few Australian founders to make Forbes Asia's 30 Under 30 'Enterprise Tech' list, Bridget Loudon was asked to do a bio piece for SmartCompany. Click to read more about our dynamic CEO Bridge, along with the other Australian candidates in the Forbes list.

Forbes 30 Under 30 Enterprise Technology

Bridget Loudon named as one of the only Australians in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Enterprise Technology Asia.

Hot 30 Under 30 2017

Bridget Loudon and Emily Yue are named in Smart Company’s Hot 30 Under 30.

We need to sharpen our appeal as IT hub or lose to rivals, says panel of experts

Bridget Loudon featured in a report on the back of a roundtable discussion detailing her (and other’s) desire to turn Sydney/Australia into a global startup hub.

Expert360 lures talent from Silicon Valley

The Australian introduces two of Expert360’s first executive hires, VP of Product Petra Gross and VP of Partnerships Paul Anderson. A big milestone for Expert360 as a company!

The coolest 100 people in Australian tech

Bridget Loudon is named as the 16th(!) coolest person in Australian tech. We understand, she does drive a bright orange Jeep, after all.

Why Expert360 CEO Bridget Loudon's mission to disrupt consulting has taken her to the US market

Business insider interviews Bridget Loudon, Expert360 CEO, about our US expansion and ‘her mission to disrupt the consulting market’ (Bridget didn’t actually say this was her mission). Expert360 soars global with its first international office right in the Big Apple.

The female unicorn: how quotas can help

The Australian publishes an extended feature on Bridget Loudon: how she made it, her plans for the future and her views on the Australian startup scene.

Talent on demand is an Australian winner

Bridget Loudon publishes an op-ed in The Australian, outlining that on demand talent is a winner in the Australian market, particularly in the enterprise space. The beginning of us coining the term Talent As A Service (TAAS).

Five million jobs at risk: StartupAUS

Expert360 featured in an article published on StartupAus’ ‘Future Of Work’ report which details the increasing trend of consultants on demand.

Australian workers must be ready to ride the technology wave, says StartupAUS

The Sydney Morning Herald publishes a piece on StartupAus’ ‘Future Of Work’ report, highlighting the increasing freelancer uptake in Australia.

Secrets of a BRW young rich-lister

The Daily Mail jumps on the Expert360 bandwagon. Slightly factually incorrect article, but gives strong praise of Expert360 and Bridget Loudon.

On-demand executives are being recruited by mid-sized businesses, says Expert360

Expert360 pairs up with one of our most exciting mid-cap clients, Unispace, to detail their successes of hiring a CFO on demand. Great article in the AFR.

Consulting Startup Expert360 Lands Big Apple International Office

Anthill publishes a story about our expansion to the US after the AFR broke our story.

Specialised consultants in demand: Expert360

The Australian interviews Bridget Loudon on our move to a US office and the trend of consultants becoming more specialised.

Allan Moss-backed Expert360 takes a bite of the Big Apple

The AFR breaks the story of our expansion into the United States with an exclusive article which featured on page three of Australia’s most read business publication.

Kicking Career Goals - Excel in your workplace

The Today Show interviews Expert360's organisational development consultant Nicole Critchley about how to excel in the workforce.

Workforce and Productivity Summit: 'Gig economy' brings 250k people to the workforce

Digital labour platforms such as Uber, Airtasker, Expert360 and Airbnb have already boosted the work prospects of 1.1 million unemployed by reducing labour market "frictions" and "mismatches" around things like skills and hours that frustrate the "frictionally unemployed"

Innovation: young entrepreneurs hail 'a game-changer'

Bridget Loudon, CEO of Expert360 discusses yesterday's Innovation Statement and why the government should consider backdating tax incentives.

29 entrepreneurs have their say on the government's innovation statement

Australian entrepreneurs, including Bridget Loudon, CEO of Expert360 have a lot to say about the government's innovation statement, released today.

Valuation speedbumps then full throttle to the future

A valuation rethink is due on tech startups – but it will be just a temporary hiccup, with the longer term future for companies in the sector being bright.

Successful start-ups start with a great idea

In the Amazon Web Series, hosted by Ian Gardiner, six startups (including Expert360) that have made it past the seed funding, Angel round to Series A funding share how Cloud is powering their business.

Case Study: Quick Service hits target with Expert 360

Fast food provider Quick Service Restaurant Holdings (QSRH), chose to look beyond traditional consulting firms to help develop a new coffee product.

Business school for kids: These guys will teach your child how to build the next hot start-up in Australia

Industries are being disrupted and once safe industries such as accounting for example, are no longer a sure thing what with automation, offshoring and independent startups such as Expert360 and Eden McCallum cutting out the firms altogether.

Start-ups welcome innovation focus

CEO of Expert360 Bridget Loudon tells The Australian Financial Review how Australia's start up community is excited to be working with a Prime Minister who has a deep understanding of technology and innovation.

Liberal Leadership: Startups tell Turnbull to remove red tape and appoint a Tech Minister

Tech start-ups are calling on the Prime Minister-elect, Malcolm Turnbull, to make reform of the local technology sector an immediate priority, with calls to reduce red tape, implement tax incentives and appoint a technology minister.

What Australia's top tech and startup entrepreneurs are saying about Malcolm Turnbull as PM

Heres's how some of the country's top technology and startup entrepreneurs are reacting to Malcolm Turnbull becoming Australia's new prime minister today.

Expert360 have been announced as finalists in 2015 Talent Unleashed Awards

Expert360 have been announced as finalists in 2015 Talent Unleashed Awards within the Best Tech IPO/Venture Capital Raising category.

Here's what Australia's startups think of the stimulus plans in the federal budget

Bridget Loudon, CEO of Expert360, tells Business Insider how the Federal Government’s tax cuts will be the shot in the arm that small businesses in Australia are looking for.

When to hire a full-time or freelance employee

Expert360 CEO Bridget Loudon discusses 5 questions to ask when deciding whether to hire a full-time or freelance employee. Loudon presents insight into hiring and the freelance industry, sharing insider tips that are a great base for businesses to use to evaluate their situation and requirements.

4 secrets on how to source the perfect intern from a workplace talent scout

Business Insider spoke to Bridget Loudon, CEO of Expert360, a talent marketplace which helps SMEs find tier one freelance staff to complete short-term white collar projects, and asked her for her tips on sourcing awesome interns.

Bridget Loudon Top 10 Workplace Trends for 2015 Interview

Expert360 CEO Bridget Loudon talks about her life in the top job and the success behind Australia’s leading online talent platform.

A new report by Expert360 points to the rush to hire freelancers in 2015

Australian businesses will be made up of broader and more globally distributed teams in the future, according to predictions.

Why freelancing is good for your health and hip pocket

Bridget Loudon discusses companies' increasing willingness to hire highly skilled individuals on contract or “as need” basis to stay competitive in a dynamic market.

Start-ups call for speedy legislation

Proposed changes to the taxation of employee share schemes - making it easier to attract the right talent - are crucial to level the playing field in an increasingly competitive global labour market. Bridget Loudon, CEO of Expert360, shares her views on the new legislation.

Want Casual Friday Everyday?

Bridget Loudon, CEO of Expert360, discusses the changes that workplaces will undergo this year. They include casual wear, internships, and work becoming more personal.

Ties at Work Old Hat

Expert360 has predicted a number of workplace trends for 2015 - among them a new fashion trend. Casual wear no longer seems to be restricted to Casual Fridays. Bridget Loudon, CEO of Expert360, shares her views on the underlying reason, and implication, of this trend.

New workplace trends for 2015: Tinder for recruitment

Millennials taking leadership positions, fast talent turnaround and the rise of freelancing are factors shaping the changing Australian workplace, while fear of missing out (FOMO) is keeping everyone on their toes and drives continuous job searching. Expert360 shares its insights and predictions for the top 10 workplace trends in 2015. You can also find the article at:

You can also find the article at:,, and,

Step aside Seek may have been the first port-of-call for businesses looking to recruit online or workers looking for a job, but there is now a wave of tech startups disrupting its dominance. These startups are offering lower costs with greater accuracy.

Why freelancing is the new 'job for life'

Bridget Loudon, CEO of Expert360, shares her thoughts on the exponential growth of the freelancing market with 30 per cent of the Australian workforce -- 3.7 million workers -- having engaged in freelancing in the last 12 months (collectively earning $51BN).

5 advantages of being a Small Business

There has never been a better time to be a small business – access to inexpensive new technologies, funding opportunities, global markets at our fingertips and government initiatives to encourage growth. Bridget Loudon shares the 5 top advantages of being a small business in Australia today.

FOUNDER: Aussie Startups Need To Quit Whining And Just Build Great Companies

Bridget Loudon, CEO of Expert360, gives the inside scoop on the big differences between the start-up ecosystems of Australia and US and the stronger need for sharing and collaboration if Australian start-ups are to succeed.

5 essentials for growing a business in the sharing economy

Building and maintaining trust is the essential ingredient in establishing a successful business in the sharing economy, but how can you pull it off? Bridget Loudon shares her 5 essentials for thriving in the sharing economy.

Technology beats whingeing every time

Bridget Loudon, CEO of Expert360, discusses how Expert360 was created and built through leveraging other business within the start-up ecosystem such as Odesk, Wufoo and Blue Chilli. Great article for budding entrepreneurs and business owners.

Office politics: When does assertive become aggressive?

Office Politics- When does assertive become aggressive? Bridget Loudon, CEO of Expert360, shares her perspective and past experience.

Big tech questions unanswered in competition review

With the draft release on Monday of Australia's competition review, Bridget Loudon, CEO of Expert360, shares her views on legislative process reform and how to encourage innovation and prevent Australian entrepreneurs from getting left behind in the dust.

Expert opinion: How Emily Yue helped create $1 million consultancy business Expert360

No matter what size, all businesses have a need to hire talent and grow. Co-founder of Expert360, Emily Yue, speaks to Smart Company on how Expert360 provides businesses the flexibility to test the waters with new hires and areas of business development.

Have you got what it takes to hack your way to a coding job

With every business, big and small, forced to consider the move online- how do you find the best coders and developers to help you make the move? Bridget Loudon, CEO of Expert360, reveals to In The Black Magazine how she finds top talent.

16 Australian Entrepreneurs Share Their Advice On Getting The Most From Collaboration

Bridget Loudon, CEO of Expert360, shares with Business Insider on how collaboration can be used to avoid the traps of confirmation bias and battle test ideas.

Online hiring - Australian businesses lead the world

Australia is now the world's largest marketplace for online freelance talent with the hiring of more than 84,000 people. Read how increased online flexibility is countering structural limitations in our economy and driving competitiveness.

It’s Just Like Renting a Room: Building a High-Level Flexible Workforce with Bridget Loudon

Buying Consultants- It’s a Lot Like Renting a Room. Bridget Loudon shares with her journey so far and the founding of Expert360.

Aussie Startup Expert360, Aims To Disrupt The Consulting Industry

Expert360 is featured in Forbes as a digital disrupter within the $300bn consulting industry. Bridget Loudon and Emily Yue shares their entrepreneurial journey and how the vision of Expert360 was born. As the 1 year milestone of Expert360 approaches, read how it is able to both compete and work with traditional players in a 100 year old industry.

Which industries are dying?

Can you guess which industries are next to march the firing line of digital disruption? Expert360 is featured in Sydney Morning Herald as a digital disruptor bringing agility and value for money to the professional service industry. How will the changing business environment impact you and your business (big or small)?

Should you employ your friends?

Have you hired a friend? What's your experience? Bridget Loudon shares her do's and don'ts on hiring friends.

17 Real Entrepreneurs Tell Us The One Thing They Wish They Had Known Before Starting A Business

Emotional roller coasters, careful hiring and the power of delegation. Bridget Loudon, Arianna Huffington and other entrepreneurs share with Huffington Post the one thing they had wished they'd known before starting their business.

Exper360 hits million dollar business formula with executive freelancers

Expert360 is set to hit the 1 million dollar mark in 2014. Bridget Loudon talks how Expert360 has grown in the current market environment of restructures, retrenchments and a growing demand for job flexibility.

Experts-on-demand shake up executive recruitment

Expert360 is featured in today's Australian Financial Review for its technology-driven approach and how this is allowing companies to "try-before-you-buy" top talent. Hear from clients and consultants on how the Expert360 model is working for them.

Finding a perfect match: The online jobs revolution

Expert360 was featured in INTHEBLACK Magazine on double-sided marketplaces and disrupting the status quo. Find out how Expert360 is leveraging off the current business environment, its' focus right now and what it takes to build a double-sided people marketplace.

Expert360 co-founder Bridget Loudon talks about the success of Expert360 on Eagle Waves Radio with special guest host Kerry Chikarovski.

Expert360 co-founder Bridget Loudon was invited onto Eagle Waves Radio to chat about Expert360 and how to be a successful start-up!

Expert360 co-founder Bridget Loudon wins the NAB Emerging Entrepreneur of the year award

A big congratulations to our Expert360 co-founder, Bridget Loudon, for winning the NAB Emerging Entrepreneur of the year award! Bridget was recognised as part of the NAB Women's Agenda Leadership Awards for the success and growth of Expert360 in the last 12 months.

Digital Disruption in management consulting

In the article "Disrupting business models are undermining the big names in management consulting" by Tony Boyd within AFR BOSS Magazine, Expert360 is highlighted as an example of digital disruption within the management consulting industry, shaking up and slashing costs in the traditional business model.

Expert360 co-founder Bridget Loudon discusses the growth plan for Expert360

Expert360 co-founder, Bridget Loudon, is featured on Sky News to talk about the rapid growth of Expert360 in the last 12 months

Expert360 co-founders named in Women in Tech Startups to watch in 2014

Expert360 co-founders Bridget Loudon and Emily Yue are part of a new generation of women disrupting the tech space. They have been named on the Woman 'Women in Tech Startups to watch in 2014'. Read about Expert360 and other exciting start-ups from weddings to medical technology!

Expert360 co-founders Bridget Loudon and Emily Yue named in Top 50 Australian Female Entrepreneurs Under 40

Congratulations to our co-founders Bridget Loudon and Emily Yue on making it into Shoe String's Top 50 Australian Entrepreneurs Under 40.

How to Raise $1 Million

Real disruption, raising $1 Million, and triple digit growth. Our Expert360 co-founders Bridget Loudon and Emily Yue share their journey so far.

Expert360 raises $1M capital for global expansion

Expert360 co-founder Bridget Loudon is interviewed by Carson Scott on Sky News and discusses the new and exciting opportunities that the raised $1 Million in funds have unlocked and what the future holds for Expert360.

Bridget Loudon voted one of Australia top 25 Emerging Entrepreneurs

Did you know our Expert360 co-founder Bridget Loudon began her entrepreneurial career as a child and started a wholesale apparel company as a student? Read about her profile with Startup Smart and her advice for all young entrepreneurs.

From Start-up to success story

An exclusive article on the success of Expert360 was featured in BRW. The article also talks about how it's a great time to be an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, this article was in the last print edition of the BRW and (ironically) not online.

Consultant marketplace raises $1M for rapid expansion

Expert360 now has a network of over 3000 experts listed on its' online platform. Find out how it all began, what co-founders Emily and Bridget are excited about and what the future holds for Expert360.

Tech Talent Follows the Money

Our Expert360 co-founders Bridget Loudon and Emily Yue reveal how they were able to raise $1 Million in under 5 weeks and overcome Australia's challenging fundraising climate. Read the exclusive with AFR today.