From Blueprint To Product Launch Success

Rob provides new product strategy and execution support

With excellent operational experience in quick-service food operations, Rob designed Red Rooster’s operational blueprint and strategy, and supported this with executing the blueprint for pilot stores.

Industry: Retail
Budget: $100,000
Location: Sydney, Australia
Duration: 6 Months



Red Rooster’s executive leadership team was seeking the strategic support of an experienced consultant who could not only devise a home delivery strategy blueprint, but oversee and manage the implementation in selected pilot stores to test this new product.

Red Rooster were looking for a cross-functional management consultant who could add value to their organisation, and who was specifically capable of:

  • Managing the project’s human resource needs including providing support, education and training
  • Achieving operational objectives, such as implementing production and meeting customer-service standards, as well as financial objectives in managing budget and expenditures
  • Managing certain legal and environmental risks, including the evaluation of Red Rooster’s risk appetite with respect to the project and managing appropriate risk reporting for various stakeholders
  • Developing an execution plan for the strategy with accompanying papers required for funding approvals
    Internal and external research concerning Red Rooster’s new home delivery product line


Red Rooster had the opportunity to interview a number of consultants on the Expert360 platform, where they chose Rob, a management consultant with 15 years experience in the quick-service foods and retail industry, out of a selection of potential consultants.

Rob was able to achieve for Red Rooster:

  • The development of strategic blueprint and board papers
  • Product testing, supplier review and selections and prepared the roll out plan
  • Above budget results in cost tracking and timelines
  • Detailed project management and on-time action of blueprint plans
  • Successful implementation of Red Rooster delivery in pilot stores with above satisfactory results

"Rob was the perfect fit for what we needed as a business. Expert360 is perfect for fast-turnaround project work where it simply does not make sense to get a firm in."

Craig Tozer
Red Rooster

About Red Rooster

Red Rooster is a quick service restaurant franchise within the retail industry that specialises in fresh roasted chicken as well as other meals. Red Rooster is one of Australia’s largest quick service restaurants with over 360 stores and 7,000 staff.