Benchmarking of Sales Channels and Service Performance

James conducts critical benchmarking

James has led strategy development, business integrations, delivered on complex negotiations, managed local and remote sales team, restructured operational units to achieve growth.

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Case Study Snapshot

Industry: Transport
Budget: $17,250
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Duration: 1 Month



The client had two major requirements;
1. Review the contact centre performance criteria and standards in line with expectations of the 'affluent adventurer' traveller demographic while considering the evolution of sales/service channels now available for use by guests and trade partners.

2. Benchmark and compare the performance of the centre against providers of similar services.

This review was designed to inform strategic planning for the short and mid-horizon timeframes and help ensure that the centre was operating in an efficient and effective manner.


A report indicating;
1. Opportunites to significantly enhance workforce management, including rostering changes to manage peak loads;
2. Training and development requirements and opportunities for key staff; and
3. A benchmarking report covering a range of topics completed via a survey with similar industry participants and a comparison against available industry data.

An initial series of on-site visits over a three week period to meet with key stakeholders, understand the business drivers and customer profiles, IT systems and key processes and reporting. The benchmarking comparisons took place after approval of the scope by the client and was conducted off site.

The final report was delivered following a number of drafts (which allowed key stakeholders to keep informed of the direction the recommendations were heading in) and formal presentations to the key stakeholders allowed a summary to be provided.

The standard consulting challenge of accessing the key personnel was encountered which requires some clear planning and communication. In addition, some key data that would have been useful to drive more detailed analysis was not available, which became one of the recommendation for the report. 


"Alice, the Expert 360 consultant, took a genuine and significant interest in the brief and was extremely proactive with both myself and the client right through the process. I found her to be very professional and easy to communicate with and can say the same for the other members of the Expert 360 team that I’ve dealt with in the following months."

Consultant on the Project

About James

After a 20 year career in corporate, customer orientated environments including financial markets, energy markets and retirement / aged care, James now works with small to medium sized organisations and NFP’s to deliver customer centric initiatives that are more efficient and effective.

James takes a deliberately disruptive view of the current state and works with key stakeholders to challenge the current approach, encouraging people to switch their paradigm and focus on what the customer truly values.

Using a variety of tools and methodologies (including Voice of the Customer, Net Promoter Score, RAID, Lean and Six Sigma) to identify and design improvements, James then knows that a clear Change Management plan is critical to delivering long term, sustainable improvements.

With many years working at executive and board level, James understands that real and lasting change that benefits the customer must be embedded in the operational people, systems and processes that interface with the customer.