NSW Health Partnering 
with Expert360

On-demand access to highly skilled professionals

To access over 25,000 vetted & approved consultants,  many of which are ex-top tier consultancy firms, you'll need an Expert360 Account. Consultants cannot start work at HSW Health Project without an approved Purchase Order (PO), the steps below will guide you. 

Your dedicated account manager

If you're ever unsure about how the NSW Gov Scheme 0005 works with the Expert360 Terms or how to use Expert360 to source talent, contact your dedicated account manager, Jane Kirkham. 

Step 1: Create an Account

  • Click here to sign up

  • Fill in the form and select “I want to HIRE”

  • Tick the box “I have read and I agree to the terms of use and privacy policy” 

  • Once you have finished signing up with your work email address,  you will receive a verification email.

Expert360 supply under the terms of NSW Gov Scheme0005 and in accordance with the Short-Form agreement in place between Health NSW and Expert360 which override the Expert360 terms.

Step 2: Create your First Project

  • Click here to log in to your account

  • When creating a project brief, start by specifying the skills and capabilities you require, including the scope of the project and set the budget

  • Once you have submitted your project brief, sit back and relax as our matching algorithm shortlists the most relevant, leading and qualified candidates.  

 Liaise with your Expert360 account manager to clarify the min and max payable to the consultant for the role, and ensure you have received approval for the budget.

Step 3: Interview Top Candidates

  • In the top navigation of the website, you'll find the tab, 'My Projects', consider this tab your go-to for tracking current and past projects, as well as knowing which Experts you have interviewed, hired and assessed.  

  • By clicking on a consultant's profile, you can view their contact details, and contact them directly.

  • You can also directly engage with the talent, set up an interview, or arrange to discuss the project with your selected shortlist.

 Typically, within 48 hours of posting a project, you’ll receive a shortlist of the top contenders to carry out your project. 


Step 4: Creating a Purchase Requisition

  • Once you’ve selected your consultant, get in touch with Jane, your Expert360 account manager. She will send through a quotation for the engagement included within a proposal and a unique Expert360 ‘Project ID’.

  • Complete the Service Now Procurement request, which connects the business with ICT procurement prior to raising a Purchase Requisition in Oracle. 

  • Next, you'll need to head to the eHealth internal link to the Customer Service Portal. Have your ID and password ready to sign in.

Step 5: eHealth Portal

  • Go to the tab, 'Business Requester Types', select Procurement request in the search bar. In the description you will need to include:

  1. The unique Expert360 “Project ID”

  2. The Title of Project and

  3. The Health Contract Number:
    “SCM0005-42 Expert 360” 

  • Once you click 'Submit', the Purchase Requisition is now in the authorisation process.  

  • When the Purchase Order is approved, it is sent directly to Expert360.  Your dedicated account team will inform you immediately once this is received and your consultant can start the project.

 Consultants cannot start work at HSW Health without an approved Purchase Order. 


Additional Resources

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