Optimising Effective Workflow

Peter provides tailor-made work management systems

Peter is an analyst, whose expertise in mathematics allows him to bring a methodological approach to his clients’ work.

Industry: Professional Services
Budget: $12,000
Location: Sydney
Duration: 4 Weeks



WS & Associates, a boutique management consulting firm, were in need of an experienced consultant who could help develop and refine work management systems - a role which demands not only a strong analytical understanding, but which also required a strong interpersonal experience in such a client-facing role.


WS & Associates used the Expert360 platform to handpick Peter, an experienced management consultant with strong analytical expertise, to help develop and refine their work management system.

Peter was able to bring his analytical mindset to build a tailored work management system for WS & Associates’ clients that encompassed effective workflow management reporting tools.

"It was my first experience with Expert360 and the project ran smoothly. I enjoyed working directly with the client, which in previous roles I hadn’t experienced."


Business Analyst


"Expert360 is a great resource for adding extra talent to your team. Peter hit the ground running and our clients were really happy with the outcome."

Carla Scomazzon
WS & Associates