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Marcello brings US Telco & Media experience

Marcello has substantial experience in telecommunications and strategic analysis of trends and opportunities within US markets.

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Case Study Snapshot

Industry: Media
Budget: $4000
Location: Remote
Duration: 1 Week




Whilst Unlockd Media has an experienced set of investors and advisors, founder Matt Berriman was the sole operating executive and was responsible for simultaneously reaching out to potential investors whilst also getting the business ready for launch. With a launch stretched across continents Matt, needed an extra support to complete the project on time.

Matt needed assistance from an experienced analyst to support him in executing some of the work involved in preparing the business for launch in the US. To achieve this, a US-based consultant with a strong understanding of the local market was required to produce thorough target market research.



Matt knew that with Expert360, he could quickly engage consultants with experience in conducting market research in the Telco sector from around the world.

A shortlist was compiled within a few days of of project submission. Consultants were selected with experience in a variety of country-specific markets, enabling Unlockd to select those with the most relevant experience.

Matt selected Marcello, a US-based telecom consultant who was able to provide great insights into the US Telco market and future developments in terms of use of telecommunication services.

By using Expert360, the CEO was able to focus on immediate growth opportunities and securing investment to drive expansion.

"Expert360 made it easy to find a consultant who understood telecoms and had specific experience in the local markets we were looking to enter."

Matt Berriman
CEO Unlockd Media

About Unlockd Media

Unlockd media is an early stage startup that has recently completed a significant seed round of investment from prominent technology, media and banking investors. The business is in a strong IP and technology position, having obtained first rights to a specific type of advertising technology.

Matt Berriman, CEO of Unlockd, is an experienced ad-tech executive, investor and advisor leading the venture and looking to revolutionise the telco market.