Go-To-Market Strategic Support

Damon brings a wealth of CPG industry experience

Damon's vast experience within the Natural and Organic Foods Industry enabled him to provide the assistance required to execute the business strategy and other go-to-market activities.

Industry: Retail
Budget: $3,000
Location: San Fransisco, USA
Duration: 3 Weeks



RANGEme recently secured a second round of funding which has enabled them to open and establish a US office. As part of this, RANGEme required an experienced professional with extensive knowledge of Consumer Packaged Goods within US markets to assist in completing several go-to-market activities including: recruiting a country CEO, strategy development to drive supplier/retailer subscribers and to provide assistance to execute the business strategy.


RANGEme was able to hire Damon who has extensive experience in the CPG food distribution network. Damon has worked as a supplier and retailer, and has provided assistance to manufacturers, distributors and brokers alike. This gave RANGEme the opportunity to gain advice and leadership from an experienced expert with a vast amount of specialised knowledge of the CPG industry.

"Damon’s knowledge of the food industry gave us the opportunity to complete go-to-market activities to a high standard, improving our relationships in the food industry."


About RANGEme

RANGEme is an online marketplace that connects suppliers with buyers from the Grocery, Pharmacy, Convenience and Health Food channels.

The online platform maximises efficiency and reliability for product proposals and increases the chances of getting products ranged sooner. This is achieved by streamlining and condensing the time-consuming ranging process of the past.