How An Independent Consultant Skyrocketed Employee Engagement

Gauri Maini

Gauri is a creative, innovative partner committed to supporting teams in achieving their goals.

Case Study Snapshot

Industry: Professional Services
Location: Sydney
Budget: NA
Duration: 6 Months



A leader at a mid-cap Australian business had been with the business for six months and had taken over from a previous leader who was reputed to be toxic.

They had recently re-measured employee engagement via the AON Hewitt Engagement Survey and had received the reports.

The engagement score was 41% with 21% of people actively disengaged. Engagement had been in a steady decline over the past three years and this recent one had a wide spread amongst various teams, with a level of 0% in one functional area. Their employee engagement strategy needed to be a critical aspect of their plan moving forward.

They needed to:

  • Respond to these results and ensure employee satisfaction
  • Establish employee desires through work-shopping sessions
  • Invest in employees and retain talent

About The Business

The client for this project has chosen to remain anonymous. They are a mid-cap Australian organisation.

Employee Engagement scores have improved to 60% in a short period of two years through a sustained effort by the executive team in improving communication and providing clear direction to the teams through several inclusive processes.

Gauri Maini
Expert360 Consultant


The discovery process was done through one-on-one interviews and a quick share of key strengths in a team meeting.

This was the groundwork for continued efforts with the team using two key diagnostics to enhance emotional agility and boost individual thriving through disciplined reflection processes.

The core philosophy that drove the design of the program was that a shared understanding of each other’s values, desires and strengths would lay solid foundations for trust and enhanced collaborative work that was based on knowledge of the diverse frames of reference for each of the team members.



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Expert's Report

About The Consultant: Gauri

Gauri brings real world experience and professional expertise in building organisation and leadership capacity for sustainable, high performance in complex, challenging situations.

Executives find in her to be a thoughtful partner who will work with them and their teams to optimise how they work together so they can achieve what they set out to do. 

Gauri use a deep inquiry based methodology that unlocks an understanding of what is important to each team member and what their strengths are. This builds the foundation for a trust based team climate that redirects interaction and dialogue in a way that expands perspective, enabling adaptive response to complex challenges.

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