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Eli integrates seamlessly into the team

Eli, a former McKinsey consultant, has extensive strategic expertise and was able to slot into Zenith's existing consulting team and hit the ground running.

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Case Study Snapshot

Industry: Professional Services
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Budget: $45,000
Duration: 5 weeks



Clients call on Zenith to help with a range of strategic projects often under tight timeframes and in highly sensitive environments.

Zenith identified that they needed to be able to offer and deliver upon projects that were larger than just one consultant. They wanted to be able to expand from 1-2 resources to a nimble team of top talent to pitch for, sell, and execute work for clients. At the same time, Zenith was not interested in building a firm of full-time consultants and instead wished to remain flexible in their cost base and talent pool, allowing them to adjust to the peaks and troughs of strategic professional services.

Similarly, Zenith have a consistent track record of providing top-quality, value adding advice to their clients and so being able to rapidly source top consulting support is fundamental to their business and maintaining a good reputation.

Zenith sold a piece of work in New Zealand where they urgently needed extra capacity in their team from a senior and experienced management consultant who could hit the ground running but who was not involved in the pitch.


Expert360 is an invaluable resource for rapidly sourcing top tier consultants, ranging from management level through to business anaysts and provide a range of consultants with experience from top-tier firms. These consultants range from management level through to business analysts.

Zenith is able to scope and pitch for work, whilst engaging manager and junior level consultants who are able to work directly onsite with their clients and they can be comfortable that project work will kick-off without a hitch.

For this project, Zenith was matched with a number of management consultants within hours and chose Eli, a former McKinsey & Company consultant.


Having brought the skillset from a top firm, Eli seamlessly intergrated into the existing team. Throughout the project Eli was a fantastic resource and Zenith's client was very impressed with the outcome deepening the client relationship.


Expert360 is a one-stop shop to provide our clients with the quality advice and resources that they and we need to deliver top quality work.

Andrew Hone

Managing Director, Zenith Strategy Associates


About Zenith Strategy Associates

Zenith Strategy Associates is a boutique management consulting firm providing strategy consulting, performance improvement and transaction support services to business executives and investors.

Zenith has two full-time executives - Andrew Hone, Former LEK Partner and Bain & Company Principal and Stephanie Pieper, former Director with American Express, and a consultant with Accenture. Together and individually, they work with enterprise clients and private equity firms around the world and have a fast-growing portfolio of clients, with strong repeat rates.

You can read more about Zenith Strategy Associates at


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Bendigo Bank - Impact Investing Australia

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Bain & Company

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Port Jackson Partners - GM Holden

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